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Are Curved Monitors Better For Gaming – Is Curved Monitor Worth It?

Is there really a measurable difference in experience between the flat and the curved screen or is it more marking hype? So the quick answer is yes. Curved monitor experiences will be a bit better but it will depend on how large your monitor is, the shape of the curve, and how far away you sit from it. But before we get into those details let`s quickly talk about why curved displays are better than flat ones. The main two arguments for this are uniform picture quality and more immersive experience. 

First why you get more uniform picture quality with a curved screen? Well even with today’s best panel technologies like IPS or OLED, to get the best experience you’re going to want to be as close to perpendicular with a screen as possible. This means the edges of the screen usually won’t look as good as the screens get larger and larger. But with curved screens in an ideal situation all areas of the screen or equal distance in equal angle from you so the picture quality should be uniform throughout. 

The second part is improved immersion and this is because curved screens will make the screen field bigger than it actually is. Under an ideal situation occur screen will cover a wider field of view than the flat counterpart and simulates the largeness that you would have gotten with a bigger flat display. So that sounds great that means you’re better. But like I said the distance, screen size, and curved radius will also affect your experience.

 But not all monitors are made equal. Some monitors have a more aggressive curve like the one on the new Dell`s and LG’s that have a 1900 mm curve radius. Going through the same calculations you get a 2 degree field of view improvement. Simulating almost 36 inch flat screen. So even more benefit here. Obviously there are other factors you can change that will also affect your experience. 

And that’s probably why I haven’t been a big fan of curved TVs in the living room. On a pretty big 65 inch TV with a 4200 mm curve radius sitting further away at a typical 3 meters. You get less than a degree of improvements in field of view, simulating 66 inch flat TV.  Very marginal gain here and aren’t really worth the extra cost in my opinion, as you’re probably better off spending that extra premium for a larger screen instead. But in the case of the 34-inch ultrawide monitor where you typically sitting closer, the benefits are a little more obvious.

And I appreciate having a bit of a curve but again only if the price premium is it too high. But those are just my thoughts on curved vs. flat displays. But let me know what you think. I hope you guys enjoyed this one!

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