how to choose best gaming monitor

How To Choose Best Gaming Monitor?

When it comes to today’s desktop screens, most of them remain in the 21 to 27-inch range. Anything smaller is now usually booked for laptops or for monitors which trade size for other functions such as touchscreens, while monitors larger than 27 inches primarily target resolutions higher than 1080p. For the most part, 21-24 inch […]

curved vs flat monitor

Are Curved Monitors Better For Gaming – Is Curved Monitor Worth It?

Is there really a measurable difference in experience between the flat and the curved screen or is it more marking hype? So the quick answer is yes. Curved monitor experiences will be a bit better but it will depend on how large your monitor is, the shape of the curve, and how far away you […]


Computer Eye Strain Symptoms – 5 Tips To Reduce Them

Is the sitting in front of the computer all day making your eyes burn, your neck ache, and your vision blurry? You might have an eye strain. In medical terms, it’s called computer vision syndrome. And today I’ll give you five tips that will hopefully make it all go away. 1. Adjust Your Monitor Sometimes […]