Samsung UR55 28 IPS 4K UHD Monitor

Samsung UR55 28 4K UHD HDR10 Freesync IPS Monitor

Today I will be reviewing this new monitor that I bought for my setup. It’s mostly for gaming. It’s, the Samsung UR 55 28 inch model, and it was upgraded from my previous Asus, which was just a normal standard, 1080p monitor with a one millisecond response time, primarily for coding and this one I wanted to upgrade for gaming and stuff like that.

I basically wanted to upgrade a monitor for gaming and to kind of appreciate the details a little more when I play video games.

So this monitor is 28 inches. Like I said UHD, which is 4k, it is IPS panel which is like, in my opinion, the images look, the crispiest contrast wise and it’s, good for blacks and hdr, which is the vibrating colors, vibrant colors, and freezing technology for the frames.

The monitor is a 60hz, which is the only drawback because I was trying to pre-prepare for the PS5, but I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Let’s, get straight to it.

Give you guys a little tour around, so this is the monitor in itself very nice, very beautiful. I’m, really happy with the result. Let’s take a closer look at this Samsung UR 55. On the backside, there are two HDMI ports, a headphone jack. I believe they’re HDMI 2.0 for anyone wondering.

It’s exactly 25 inches and going from top to bottom vertically it is 14 like one inches it’s like just right over that. So in case anyone wanted an idea of how it would look and the size of its game here and trying to see how it looks in HDR and everything combined.

So to know that it’s working because I’ve heard people online say that this monitor doesn’t support HDR for PS4. This is proof right here that it does and yeah it’s telling me to do all the hdr settings before starting the application.

The first impression of using the monitor immediately and the first thing I definitely notice is the upscaling. So I’m using a PS4 slim, which doesn’t run in 4k. It runs at 1080p, but I’m, seeing a night and day difference from when I was running it on that monitor, which is just a standard, monitor without any of the features on this one, and mostly it’s.

Just the blacks are deeper, the colors are more vibrant and just the movement and everything like that. It just looks better and I think you guys looking at it too, you can kind of see it looks very vibrant and more realistic. So the difference really is night and day.

What I got for, I got it from best buy and I was comparing it to a couple of other models in AOC and Asus. This is what i ultimately ended up getting because when it comes to TVs, I always go with Samsung and I figured if I’m.

Getting a gaming monitor and a Samsung has all the features I want. Then I’m, probably going to go with that as well, and oh just wanted to address the HDR issue one more time because I read online about that.

People saying that this monitor didn’t support HDR, although it said it did specifically on the PS4. So I want to say that it does and if you think this picture quality behind me is impressive, then if you’re running a PS4 Pro or if you have an Xbox One X, then you can imagine the quality is going to jump.

Like even more from there, so thank you for reading guys. I hope this review was helpful and the comments below are very welcome!

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