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Dell UltraSharp 4K Monitor Review – Work At Home Desk Setup Makeover

Today we’re, going to review the Dell Ultrasharp 32 inch 4K monitor. If you’re wondering who this monitor is for it can be a great choice for almost anyone, but specifically creative professionals, working in video editing or photography, college students, programmers designers, gamers and just those who want one of the best 4k displays in the office or home office in the box, we have the monitor the ergonomic, stand: the power cable, a USB type-c cable, a display, DisplayPort, cable and a USB 3.

So let’s, get some specs out of the way. This model is the Dell u3219q, so it’s, 32 inches with a resolution of 3840 by 2160 and a 16 by 9 aspect ratio. It’s an IPS panel running at a 60 hertz refresh rate and has a 5 millisecond response time at 400, nits of brightness the screen is certified, hdr ready.

So one of the features that really caught my attention was the usbc connectivity and I’ll talk more about that in a moment. In addition to the usbc port, we have a DisplayPort HDMI, 2.0 port, a 3.5 millimeter audio jack, and four USB 3.

All the buttons for operation are located below the display at the right corner. Personally, I’ve, become accustomed to using the on-screen display manager software, but the physical controls are here.

The weight of this monitor is less than 13 pounds, so it’s. Light enough to move around if you need to the stand is only 8.6 inches deep and it’s actually quite nice because it offers height adjustment tilt, swivel and pivot.

So this is a really great ergonomic addition to any desk. But if you do want to use a different, monitor, arm or wall mount this, it does have visa compatibility. I like the overall sleek design of this stand, especially in comparison to the massive one on my 49 inch, but i do plan to stack this monitor.

On top of my ultra-wide, the overall design of this 32 inch monitor is minimal. It’s sleek and it’s neutral enough to fit into any professional office or home office setup. Like many other Dell ultrasharp monitors.

This one has slim bezels referred to as infinity edge by dell, and that makes it perfect for placing side by side or stacked in a multi-monitor setup. While I feel it’s, lightweight it’s, not flimsy at all, and the hard plastic actually feels quite premium.

I’ve used a range of Dell monitors for many years and they’ve been super reliable for both school and work surviving several moves. They’ve proven to be durable. In my experience, I decided on a 32 inch screen instead of the traditional 27 inch, because I personally prefer to view and work with 4k on this size display you don’t have to worry about scaling issues.

Primarily, this does come factory calibrated out of the box, and in my opinion, it offers professional level color accuracy and performance with 99 srgb coverage and 99 rec 709 coverage. It looks vibrant and crisp.

I’m used to looking at the 4k calibrated display on my ThinkPad p1 and to my eyes. Color reproduction is realistic and lifelike on this one, whether you’re browsing the web coding looking at spreadsheets or accessing online books.

For example, the text is sharp and easy to read. This has an IPS panel with a matte finish, and the viewing angles are great. So whether I’m sitting at my desk working or standing off to the side to share my screen, it maintains good color and brightness.

If you work in a darker environment or game in a dark room, you won’t, get deep blacks from this display, but that’s, no surprise for an IPS screen. I typically have a couple of lights on and the windows letting in sunlight.

So I’m, not bothered by the grayish blacks, but it’s still important to mention so I mentioned the usbc port being a top feature for me and that’s, because it allows me to use a single cable When connected to my Thinkpad, my iPad Pro and my MacBook Pro, not only can it transmit video and sound, but it also sends data and offers 90 watts of power delivery.

Keep in mind that not all usbc cables are created equal. So I recommend sticking with the cable that’s included in the box, but I personally have had some success with several of my Thunderbolt 3 cables.

Another notable feature that can really jump start. Your productivity is the inclusion of KVM or keyboard, video and mouse. This technology is great for multitasking because it allows you to toggle between two different pcs while using only a single mouse and keyboard.

This works hand in hand with picture-in-picture and picture by picture. This monitor will be used in my workstation connected to my desktop here, but I can quickly plug in whatever laptop I’m using and view that content right next to what’s being displayed for my pc, picture-in-picture, and picture by picture, Makes this easy and seamless switching between different applications on two different pcs, isn’t, something you’ll, always need to use, but it’s great.

To have for those moments. When you do, Windows 10 offers the ability to snap windows to different parts of the screen, but you also get a great version of that feature with easy to arrange using the dell display manager software.

I can quickly arrange my windows or applications, then, once I step away and come back, I don’t have to redo my screen layout. Overall, this monitor is big in size, versatility, performance and price at over eight hundred dollars.

Whether you’re, a pc or console gamer, a student, you’re, just Working from home, a creative professional – or you just want to ask your boss to upgrade your monitor at the office this one, I can highly recommend Dell u3219q. I do wish it had thunderbolt 3 support for daisy chaining and some on board speakers, but I know that would add.

Even more to the already high price tag, this monitor has given me a much needed boost in productivity for work, and I look forward to using it for this coming semester. It wasn’t the easiest feat to mount this 32 inch on top of the 49 inch ultra wide using the same stand, but i’m extremely happy with the results.

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I want to know about your work at home. Do you use a single monitor or a multi-monitor setup? Are you even interested in 4k monitors? Well, that’s going to wrap it up for this one. If you like this post jump down in the comment section, and let me know your thoughts. Thank you.

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