how to choose best gaming monitor

How To Choose Best Gaming Monitor?

When it comes to today’s desktop screens, most of them remain in the 21 to 27-inch range. Anything smaller is now usually booked for laptops or for monitors which trade size for other functions such as touchscreens, while monitors larger than 27 inches primarily target resolutions higher than 1080p.

For the most part, 21-24 inch diagonals are reserved for 1080p screens. This is also the very best size range for 1080p, as anything larger will lead to easily-distinguishable pixels when the screen is looked at up close. Furthermore, there is also the inevitable aliasing.

Certainly, the larger the display is, the further far from it you will require to be to have an optimal viewing experience and to avoid eye fatigue.

For the majority of people, the most comfortable viewing distance tends to be approximately in proportion to their display’s diagonal i.e., if you have a 24-inch monitor, your eyes ought to have to do with 24-48 inches away from the screen. Still, you might want to sit farther away if you experience any problems, such as the eye fatigue pointed out above.

The Very Best Monitor Size for Gaming

Given the relationship between screen size and image quality, we’ve classified the following guidelines based on display resolutions. Just take a look with each alternative to find the optimum gaming monitor size for your setup:

Best 1080p Monitor Size

It’s 2020 and there is no factor to do gaming on anything less than 1080p resolution. 1080p screens include sharp graphics and they’re widely available throughout the marketplace. Additionally, you do not have to spend a fortune to create a correct setup (which also makes them fantastic for double display gaming).

That said, you’ll need to stick with a modest screen size, or risk blurred images and pixelated graphics. While you can in theory go as low or high as you want, we advise sticking in between 22″ to 24″ for the very best monitor size for 1080p. This will give you in between 91 and 103 PPI, a lot of eye candy for most modern titles.

Best 1440p Monitor Size

The ideal size screen for video gaming might effectively rest in the sweet spot in between HD and 4K, likewise referred to as 1440p or QHD. It integrates the best of both words to provide breathtaking graphics while remaining relatively inexpensive. Not just that, but 1440p monitors are frequently packed with the current FreeSync or G-Sync tech for remarkably high refresh rates.

While you’ll find options in a variety of various sizes, we recommend looking for a 27″ or 28″ display for the perfect PPI.

Best 4K Monitor Size

If you’re a resolution junkie looking for incomparable immersion, 4K screens are your best option. They deliver roughly 8 million pixels for insane high PPI, and you’re guaranteed pixel-perfect clearness whether you game on PC or console.

If you’re set on moving forward, a 30″ monitor delivers incomparable 4K immersion that’ll leave you shocked. Plus, with a big 30″ screen, it’s rather perhaps the finest screen size for video gaming on the market.

Best Ultrawide Monitor Size

While the monitors listed above function a 16:9 aspect ratio, there is another kind of screen on the market. Specifically, the ultrawide.

Ultrawide displays boast screens with longer horizontal widths. This gives them various aspect ratios, such as 21:9, which alters the way their resolution displays on the screen. Because of that, we’ve listed the best sizes and resolutions listed below.

Keep in mind that as you’re looking for the right fit, you’ll find many ultrawide displays with curved screens. This curvature makes up for natural screen distortion on ultrawide screens and provides the image an even sharper appearance. An excellent benefit for gaming.

Nevertheless, if you will be sitting in front of a desk, 24-inch screen simply appears to be the most comfy for the majority of people. Obviously, bigger monitors will permit you to take full advantage of greater resolutions, but they might wind up being unpleasant for individuals used to staying up near to their displays or those who just have smaller desks.


And finally, if you’re intending on anything larger than 30 inches, we advise thinking about a TV instead of a display. Needless to say, you won’t be taking a look at such a big screen up close and TVs will offer better image quality for multimedia, but make certain to get a TV which has a good response time and a “video game mode” that reduces input lag.

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